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Valerie Fridland: The Amazing and Um, Complex World of Linguistics

Episode Summary

Are you fascinated by the power of words and how they shape our world? Do you ever wonder how language evolves and changes over time? If so, you won't want to miss this episode of Remarkable People podcast. Our guest, Valerie Fridland, is a linguistics professor at the University of Nevada, and she's spent her career studying the complexities of language. In this podcast, she shares her insights on everything from grammar and syntax to slang and accents. We'll explore how language is shaped by culture, history, and even geography, and how it can both unite and divide us. Whether you're a language lover or just curious about the secrets of communication, you won't want to miss this fascinating conversation. Listen in and discover the wonders of language!

Episode Notes

Have you ever thought about how language shapes our world? Linguistics expert Valerie Fridland breaks down the complexities of language and reveals how it reflects our identity and culture. Listen to her insights on Remarkable People podcast now.